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Our vision for Solaris spans across our Community Members, our Visitors, and Aether Labs. Success for Solaris is becoming one of the top metaverses on Solana. Solaris will become the place where people come to express themselves, have meaningful experiences, and become a part of a vibrant and diverse community.

For our Visitors, this means ease of discovering content from our community across properties. For our Community Members, Solaris properties become one of your most cherished asset groups. For Aether Labs, we meet your expectations on how we can best grow and sustain social experiences. For all of us, success means building one of the best communities on Solana.



The following timeline is our commitment in 2022, the timelines may adjust depending on the success of the mint. Our team capacity will determine the final timeline.

Solana Riptide Hackathon (February 2022)

We presented at our local chapter of the Riptide Hackathon in Singapore. This resulted in our first 100 community members on Discorded and connected our founder with an amazing team of community managers.

Mint & Launch (March 2022)

Our mint is scheduled for March 13 @5:00PM UTC. Within 3 days of our mint, we will finish upgrading our website for people to customize their properties and their first spaces. Within 2 weeks of our mint we expect to address all critical bugs from our initial release as well as release building wrapping for all tiers of membership.

We will be listing our NFT on Magic Eden marketplace after the launch. As our community begins to form, we will re-organize our Discord and onboard more moderators to grow our community.

Social Integrations (April 2022)

We want to optimize our sharing experiences so that people can discover properties quickly and share them with anyone in the world. (ex: LinkTree, Twitter Embeds, Metadata support)

Residential Spaces (April 2022)

Our residential spaces represent a new tier of customization for our members. We will also be including support for 3D models so that owners will have full control of how they use their spaces.

Messenger (May 2022)

Our first iteration of multiplayer and social presence will involve being able to communicate between spaces, leaving notes messages, and even interacting in real time.

Avatar & Multiplayer (June 2022)

We will be making it possible to experience our lightweight spaces in real-time with anyone in the world. Welcome to the metaverse.

Roadmap 2.0

  1. Lending & Loaning (Advertising)
  2. Portals (Connecting Properties)
  3. Audio Integration
  4. Curator Notes (For Galleries)
  5. Modular & Connected Scenes
  6. Staking
  7. Community & market needs


Crossmint (Ready)

We've partnered with Crossmint for our mint so that we can enable credit card payment. This provides us a new way to onboard users to the Solana ecosystem. Crossmint has already previously supported some prominant projects in this space.

Exchange.Art (In Progress - April)

We're in contact with to bring a new level of utility to our platform. Visitors will be able to make bids on galleries they interact with on Solaris. Our planned integration will be on the contract and API level making it as smooth as intuitive as our native experiences.


Solaris is built on top of the same platform we use to power Aether. It has been been built by a team working part time over the last few months while juggling existing Web2 commitments. Our focus after the mint is to continue on our vision of creating a high density web-first platform that will foster future Web3 communities. We've come a long way, but this is just the beginning.

We will re-invest funds from the Solaris mint to shift our commitment to building Web3 fulltime and to grow our team so that we can take on long term and more ambitious projects on top of Solaris/Aether that will benefit the entire ecosystem. You can learn more about our current team here.