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Our mint was concluded with at 92% minted on March 20th. You can find us on Magic Eden if you wish to acquire a property!

This process was designed with three aims: make distribution fair and transparent, ensure access for people we want in our long-term community, and favor humans over bots. Details are subject to change, and feedback is welcome on Discord.

Preparing a Wallet

To mint an NFT on the Solana blockchain, you'll need both Solana (SOL) and a wallet that can hold your NFT. We recommend using Phantom as your wallet of choice.

Creating a Wallet

First, create an Solana wallet that you can use to conduct your transactions and hold your NFTs. Your Solana wallet will have a public address on the Solana network, which is where you can send and receive tokens like SOL and NFTs.

Buying SOL

The easiest way to buy SOL, the currency used on Solana, is to use a crypto exchange. We recommend Coinbase for beginners. Note that this account is different from a Coinbase Wallet account — it is an account for Coinbase's exchange, which allows you to trade currencies like USD for cryptocurrencies like Solana.

  1. Create an account and buy some SOL.
  2. Once you've bought your SOL, transfer it by sending it to the address of the wallet you just created earlier. Now you're ready to mint an NFT!

Make sure that you have more SOL than you need for the cost of the mint — each Solana transaction requires "gas," the network fees that go into processing blockchain transactions. For example, the Solaris cost 2 SOL each to mint, so you may want to have 2.1 SOL per property on hand.


We'll also be enabling a credit card option that will not require a wallet. Skip down to the "credit card" sectionbelow


On minting day (March 13) you'll need to connect your wallet to our website using the Connect Wallet button in the bottom left corner — a modal will open, and you'll need to choose the wallet type you created earlier.

Minting Minting

Pre-sale Mint (Whitelist)

Whitelist is done through Solana tokens. 5000 NFTs will be available to mint for active community members starting 5:00 p.m. UTC on March 13 at 2 SOL. Each wallet will be given 1 NFT, and there are no limits to how many NFTs you can mint during the public phase.


Existing holders of our existing project Aether (Ethereum), may have been allocated >1 WL token at request based on their current property holdings as opposed to per wallet. If you are a current Aether member, file a ticket in our discord for more info.

Active community members, those from existing collections, or DAOs will need to obtain a @whitelisted role, which will grant them access to a private Discord channel #whitelist-submission where they can submit their wallet address to be added to the pre-sale.


If you've obtained the whitelisted role in our discord you still need to submit your wallet on our #wallet-submission channel on discord to get tokens sent to your wallet before the mint.


If you do not have a whitelist token during the mint, you will see this option is disabled. Stick around, the public phase opens shortly after the pre-sale.


Public Mint

Our public mint starts 3 hours after the presale. The remaining NFTs (plus any remaining from the pre-sale) will be available to mint for the general public at 8:00 p.m. UTC on March 13 at 2 SOL. There are no limits to how many you can mint.


Once your wallet is connected, click "Mint," and you should see an overview of the transaction you're about to create in your wallet, with the option to confirm it. In most cases, the transaction should take a few seconds to complete. Hooray, you've just minted your NFT!



If you see a second token being consumed as part of the transaction, don't worry this is our whitelist token. It will differ from the screenshot above. Our whitelist token is Gso9VgvACphPJerk32vTmsvCPN6H79pKqdUMZVCGfRnf.

Credit Cards

We will be partnering with our friends from Crossmint to enable "Buy with credit card" during the public phase. You will be guided thought onboarding with Crossmint to complete the transaction.



Our core team will be pre-minting 100 properties of the 5000 supply. Since the minting process is random through CandyMachineV2, these will be randomly assigned and held in our treasury. This supply will be used for community spaces, demo spaces, partnerships, and future giveaways.