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Solaris's NFTs represent both virtual properties and memberships to the Solaris platform. Our current pre-mint demo showcases a world with a ~5000 supply. Of this, ~200 are buildings, ~400 are penthouses, ~4,400 units. Each NFT is backed by an image asset corresponding with the unique property owned by the holder of the token.

Member (Unit)

Members are the entry tier into the Solaris community and come with all the benefits of property ownership. Join our exclusive community today and make it yours.


Penthouse (Unit)

Penthouses are often units that occupy the highest floor of a building but also may include special units located in any part of a building. Penthouses are the most prized units in a building due to their access to a larger spaces.


Partner (Building)

Buildings are the first properties that people see when visiting Solaris. These surfaces end up being incredibly valuable advertising spaces. As a owner you have control over the first level of the building but do not have control of the units within it (unless you own those too). Buildings are intended for our largest partners; for example a DAO might acquire a building in order to hold a prominent position in the city. We offer an exclusive NFT gallery scene to this tier of ownership.