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We're live on! Take a look at our NFTs on Magic Eden if you wish to acquire a property. Join our discord for our latest updates.

Solaris is a web-first metaverse optimised for desktop and mobile devices. Discover experiences that take just seconds to load and seconds to create. Solaris properties are all part of high-density city core that will become a living image of the entire Solana NFT community. Properties are yours to customise and ours to explore. Membership allows property owners to curate immersive spaces where you can showcase your most cherished assets and share with your friends.

Our team has a history of innovating at the forefront of blockchain technology, we launched Aether City (Ethereum) back in 2018. We want to continue to grow out our platform tooling to support the next wave of NFTs on Solana. Solaris and Aether City are separate worlds but will both share and contribute to core utilities and features across the Aether platform. You can learn more about Aether here.

We believe that any attempt at creating the metaverse needs to be Web-first. Why? Runs most devices, no need to install or download, instant updates, no dependencies on game engine licenses. Building at the intersection of Web and 3D is incredibly challenging but our team has already started.

Space Home Building Boryoku